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"A Journey through Bharatanatyam with Izumi Sato," South Asian News, Spring 2005, Honolulu, USA. <>

"We're given the opportunity once more to see such fine young artists as Izumi Sato, the extraordinary bharata-natyam dancer from Japan. (...) She attacks the country's classical dance form with passion and conviction."

Eagan, Carol. "Diversity rules at 'Footholds'," Honolulu Advertiser, 8 Oct. 2004 <>.

"Her performance was superb, as each note in the music was perfectly matched with her staccato and isolated movements of (...) fingers and toes. Even her eyes danced."

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"UH Show to Exhibit International Flavor." Honolulu Star-Bulletin, 4 Oct. 2004 Honolulu, USA <>.

"Izumi Sato's interest in understanding the greatness of Lord Rama with respect to the Indian culture was seen reflected in her dance oriented completely in praise."

Subbudu."Celebrating 30 Years." The Statesman, 23 Jul. 2004. Subbudu_The_Statesman_2004

"Seeing her dance is like watching a jewel in motion." ,
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"Wedded to Indian culture", Chandigarh Tribune, March 27, 2001, Chandigarh, India. <>

"The precision of her arms, shoulder and neck movements (...) Her effortless turn-around and sharp footwork were accompanied by an effervescent feeling of artistic exuberance. A Rare Feat of Cultural Adaptation, N.K.Mudgal, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, 14 March 2001.

"It is highest degree of aesthetic and stylistic charm which she is able to impart to her dance movements. The precision of her arms, shoulder and neck movements (...) Her effortless turn-around and sharp footwork were accompanied by an effervescent feeling of artistic exuberance."

Mudgal, N.K. "A Rare Feat of Cultural Adaptation."The Hindustan Times, 14 Mar. 2001.

"Perfection in every aspect of the idiom and the complete ease with which Izumi was able to delineate the items. Her rhythm was flawless."

Subbudu. "Goodbye Kabuki, Hello Bharata Natyam."The Statesman, 9 Mar. 2001.

"From Japan, For The Love of Jathis!" KutcheriBuzz, 29 Sep. 2000 <>.

"Izumi gave ample evidence of having worked hard on her technique and her command over rhythm as well as the very finished hand and leg stretch is commendable." Shades of Japan in Indian Classical Dance, Leela Venkatraman, The Hindu, 22 September 2000.

Cultural Crusader, Japan Calling, February- March, 2000.

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